DermaVille is Belgrade’s first international center of aesthetics , offering a variety of leading treatments under one roof.  We provide our clients with the best non-surgical and minimal-invasive procedures that give that sought-after natural and radiant look with little or no downtime. Our medical & cosmetic professionals combine their passion to satisfy our clients, with long-standing treatment experience and a drive to stay updated with the latest trends in aesthetics. Read more here


Our team will carefully select a bespoke treatment, tailored to your skin type, age and wishes. Awaken the best version of yourself!


DermaVille offers you with a variety of the most modern and effective treatments to quickly achieve the results you always dreamed of.


Taking care of the physical appearance has become an integral part of the life of the modern man. We provide tailor-made solutions that assist men in reaching their goals

Venus Legacy Campaign

Our Special Offer

Bring your friend with you for a Venus Legacy Treatment and the next treatment for you and your friend will be for free.
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Venus Legacy has arrived in Belgrade!
We offer you one of the most advanced treatments to effectively reduce cellulite , thighten and rejuvenate skin, and targeted fat reduction. This innovative treatment combines four world-class technologies and provides superior results.



‘My job is very demanding. Stress, frequent and long recording session with heavy make-up leave their marks on my skin. DermaVille is my everyday go-to oasis. Here I relax, while having the team take care and rejuvenate my skin.’

Dragana K.


‘After half an hour, I had a feeling of being well-rested and fresh, like after a long good sleep. My skin was illuminated in a beautiful way.

Jelena B.


‘After I have tried various treatments in other places, Venus Legacy is the first one that provides
me with results. The treatment itself feels very comfortable. I will strongly recommend this to all my friends!

Irena K.