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We know that straight belly, slim body, hydrated radiant face, bikinis without worrying about unwanted hair, goals that most women and more men are aiming for, but which is the right way to the desired look, Dr. Tamara Todorovic, the team leader of aesthetic doctors reveals to us downtown DermaVille.

What is the most reliable treatment for cellulite and relaxed skin?

It’s a Venus Legacy treatment, which is pushing the boundaries in the beauty industry. He has become a favorite treatment for Hollywood stars in the last couple of years. Not only does it remove cellulite, tighten loose skin and expel accumulated water and fatty deposits from the body, this treatment is so effective that it is enough for two to four weeks to achieve an optimal and long-term effect.
Venus Legacy is an apparatus of so-called 4D technology. With all that Venus gives us as an option, we should not neglect that the treatment is very relaxing, with the effect of a warm massage.
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Why is it difficult to get rid of fat?

It is true that diet and exercise cannot always achieve the perfect appearance. Non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments can make up for any failure. Resistant fat deposits can be resolved forever with a combination of treatments lipolysis, mesotherapy of the body i Venus Legacy. Venus Legacy is combined as needed with a method by which appropriate cocktails are injected directly into localized fat deposits.
Their injection results in the melting of fat cells, the breakdown of the fat cell wall and the connective septum and prevents the fat from re-accumulating in the cell. The effects achieved by these procedures take a long time because the breakdown of fat is permanent. What is really good about Venus Legacy is that you can see the results after the first treatment, without pain, without discomfort or without a recovery period.

How to care for your face during the summer?

A youthful, hydrated and radiant face requires intensive care throughout the summer.
For hot, summer months, mesotherapy is essential, which nourishes the face and helps the skin not feel the sun’s effect of drying out and dehydrating it. In addition to mesotherapy, Venus Legacy treatments will give a perfect and radiant look to your face all summer long.

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