Juvéderm Volite Skin Booster

Anti-aging with long acting hyaluronic acid gel

One of the key skin ageing processes is the decrease in percentage of hyaluronic acid. This leads to an increase in sagged, wrinkled dehydrated or inelastic appearance with ageing. For these reasons injections of hyaluronic acid can be a preventive measure to counteract the above signs.

Juvéderm Volite is a new, innovative skin care and anti aging solution. Volite is not a hyaluronic acid filler but an hyaluronic gel that is injected to the middle layers of the dermis. Whereas dermal fillers mostly restore volume, the Volite treatment results in a long lasting inside-out nourishing of the skin. The effect is the “skin boost” providing a largely improved appearance of the skin, by improving its elasticity, hydration and smoothness. Thereby noticable improvements in fine lines, skin texture and dry areas are achieved. Importantly the effect is long lasting due to the targeted injection. Hyaluronic acid further stimulates the natural formation of collagen (improving elasticity) and binds water thus hydrating the skin.

What is Juvéderm Skin Booster Volite?

The Volité hyaluronic acid preparation is designed to conditionthe quality of the skin, its texture, hydration, elasticity, smoothness while restoring the radiance of tired skin. We use the latest generation of “Skin Booster Volite” with VYCROSS technology. VYCROSS provides a tailored “body like” blend of lower and higher molecular weight hyaluronic chains, which are firmly linked by a unique cross-linking process. In result a natural appearance and permeability with own tissue is achieved.

How is this procedure performed?

First, an anesthetic in the form of a cream is applied to the treated region, which lasts for about twenty minutes. Juvederm Volite contains lidocaine (anesthetic), so the procedure is almost painless. Unlike other hyaluronic acid-based fillers that are injected into the subcutaneous (under the skin) tissue, Skin Booster Volite is injected intradermally (in the middle layers of the skin) and improves the quality and structure of the skin.

Skin Booster Volite is applied with ultra-thin needles, evenly, along the entire surface of the treated skin in the form of small drops, which continuously hydrate the skin for nine months. Over time the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the skin is rejuvenated, its texture, elasticity, firmness improves and the skin becomes radiant.

Which areas can be treated?

Juvéderm Volite can be used for:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Back of hands
  • Regions around the lips with fine lines (“barcode” wrinkles)
  • Acne scars

For whom is the treatment recommended?

Skin booster Volite is recommended to everyone who wants to improve not only the appearance but also the essential quality of the skin. Volite is suitable for a very broad age range, both women & men, and all skin types.

What preparation is needed before the treatment?

To achieve the best results, there are a few tips on what you could do directly before the treatment:

  • You should not take anticoagulant therapy, aspirin (10 days before treatment), herbal supplements with garlic or ginkgo biloba.
  • It is recommended not to consume alcohol the night before treatment.
  • If possible, the use of make-up or cosmetics on the day of treatment should be avoided.

What are the results after the Volite treatment and how long do they last?

The result is visible immediately after the treatment, however increases notably over the following 10-14 days. The improvement includes a considerably better hydrated skin, better tone, reduced wrinkles and a significant improvement in the texture and radiance of the skin are expected. The results last up to 9 months.
For the vast majority of patients only one treatment is required in this time frame. However, for severly damaged skin texture, excessive dryness and photo-damaged skin, the treatment can be repeated after a month.

Is the treatment painful and is there a recovery period (downtime)?

Before the treatment, an anesthetic cream is applied, and in addition, Skin Booster Volite contains lidocaine (an anesthetic), and is injected with the thinnest TSK needles (reducing injection site damages), so the treatment is painless.

The recovery period is extremely short. Directly after the treatment, there may be traces of injection marks, less often small bruises that pass after 1-3 days, and can be simply covered with concealer. Patients can immediately return to their daily activities.

What care is recommended after treatment?

To ensure the best results, there are several after-treatment recommendations:

  • drink plenty of water within 48 hours after the treatment.
  • do not use makeup on the treated region within 12 hours after the treatment.
  • do not expose the treated skin to direct, strong sunlight (or solarium radiation) for two weeks after the treatment.
  • do not visit the sauna for two weeks after the treatment

Are there contra-indications

the treatment is contra-indicated in:

  • regions affected by infection or inflammation cannot be treated
  • patients with untreated epilepsy, in patients suffering from scar hypertrophy
  • patients with hypersensitivity to lidocaine
  • during pregnancy and in lactating woman
  • the treated area cannot undergo simultaneous laser treatment, deep chemical peeling or dermoabrasion

Who performs the Juvéderm Skin Booster Volite procedure?

In the DermaVille practice, the procedure is performed exclusively by certified aesthetic medicine doctors with many years of experience.

You can book a free consultation & all treatments in DermaVille via telelphone at +381 66 630 34 34 or directly online here.