BTL Vanquish ME

Contactless, non-invasive fat removal – reduce stomach and flanks in the same session!

Why Vanquish ME?

Vanquish ME is designed to reduce the circumference of the abdominal region (stomach), as well as inner and outer thighs by destroying fat cells using a high-frequency electromagnetic field. The Vanquish ME device works on the principle of selective radiotherapy. Stubborn fat deposits are heated, triggering their natural self-destruction (apoptosis) and the excess is metabolically eliminated from the body. What makes the treatment special is that it is contactless, requiring no recovery (downtime). Also, unlike other treatment options it can be used for all BMIs. Fat reduction is permanent, with results documented up to 4 years. The treatment procedure is comfortable – you will experience a feeling of intense heat in the treated area, however no pain.

What effects can be expected from the treatment?

Vanquish ME acts exclusively on fat cells, which leads to a reduction in volume in the treated region by 2 to 8 cm and up to 2 kg in weight after a series of treatments. The treatment effect is visible after 2-3 weeks, and increases in the following months.

How does the procedure look like?

The applicator of the Vanquish ME device is precisely placed 1 cm above the abdomen. During the treatment, there is a local heating of the tissue, which the client feels as intense heat. The treatment lasts 45 minutes, and during the treatment there are two short breaks due to heat regulation. After the treatment, a slight redness appears on the treated region, the tissue is a bit sensitive, but everything passes in a few hours.

How many treatment sessions are required?

The number of treatments is individual, on average it is necessary to do 4 treatments. You may need additional treatments depending on your condition. For optimal results, it is important to follow a treatment plan designed for you. The results will in most cases continue to improve in the next few months. Treatments are done weekly, and the first results are visible after two to three weeks when volume measurement is recommended. Vanquish Me can be combined with other non-invasive body contouring procedures such as Venus Legacy and lipolysis as desired.

How can I prepare for ideal treatment results?

It would be ideal to increase fluid (water) intake two days before the session, on the day of treatment and four days after treatment. This contributes to a more pleasant feeling during the treatment as well as more efficient results as energy transfer to fat cells is facilitated and metabolization of fat easier.

Is there a recovery period (downtime) after a Vanquish ME treatment session?

After a treatment session a feeling of heat and redness in the treated area is normal. This lasts for several hours and passes spontaneously. There is no recovery period after the treatment and clients can return immediately to daily life activities.

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