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DermaVille therapeutic relax massage is intended for anyone spending a lot of time in a sedentary position, standing or not being that active. Lack of physical activity slows down the natural circulation, which results in a lack of energy, drowsiness, lack of concentration, pain in the neck, back, bad mood, amongst others. The goal of this massage is to improve blood and lymph circulation, thus enabling better oxygen supply to all parts of the body and eliminating harmful substances from body cells. A pleasant hand massage given by a professional physical therapist, relaxes the muscles, restores the natural balance of the organism, relieves pain in muscles and joints, increases body and skin flexibility, improves muscle tone and enhances the immunity.

Indulge yourself with a relaxing massage in spite of numerous obligations you may have, to make your day more successful.


Indulge yourself with a DermaVille stress relief massagen – the perfect choice after a busy day or after a very stressful event. Stress relief massage in the hands of Ayurvedic technique experts makes you feel like you are reborn. After a stress relief massage, the natural energy balance is established by harmonizing the body, mind and spirit. It enables you to have a different perspective of certain situations and helps you face everyday challenges with greater ease. The technique for performing this pleasant hand massage foresees applying pressure on the selected energy points. It can help with sleeping problems, relaxation, better functioning of internal organs, and dealing with fatigue. It represents a preventative method against accumulated stress and relieves built-up emotional and physical tension. Submit yourself to the skillful hands of the DermaVille masseur who will establish the natural balance between your body and mind.


Anti-cellulite massage is popular throughout the year, and especially during summer. It is recommended to combine DermaVille anti-cellulite massage with other treatments and appropriate cosmetic products that effectively eliminate cellulite (See Venus Legacy). Cellulite is made of adipose tissue which is trapped under the skin due to various toxins. It produces the not so attractive “orange peel” effect. DermaVille anti-cellulite massage can accelerate the elimination of cellulite and prevent its recurrence. One of the causes of cellulite formation is poor blood circulation. This can be rectified and stimulated by such a massage. By applying controlled pressure during the massage, blood circulation is stimulated and the lymphatic drainage activated at the same time, thus eliminating the excess fluid from the body to help eliminate cellulite faster. Visit DermaVille aesthetic center and see for yourself that anti-cellulite massage can be both pleasant and useful at the same time.

All massage treatments offered in DermaVille aesthetic center can last an hour (whole body) or half an hour (partial massage).

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