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Teeth whitening is a process that is applied to patients who are not satisfied with their natural teeth color. The procedure is very simple and represents a chemical reaction between the outer surface of the tooth and hydrogen-based preparations and carbamide peroxide.

Gleaming white teeth are imperative nowadays and there are many causes of discoloration. If you notice that they have lost their whiteness, turned yellow or have spots, it is time to visit your dentist and have them bleached. Prior to the process, your dentist will determine if there is any defect in your tooth. This is followed by cleansing and preparation for the bleaching process itself.
Self-whitening at home, ” preparations ” such as bicarbonate of soda or lemon juice is something that is not recommended because it can cause long-term damage to your teeth that can have major consequences.

Why your teeth change color?

There are numerous causes of tooth discoloration and can be divided into external and internal. External causes are bad habits, smoking as well as consuming coffee and dark drinks. Internal are antibiotic use, genetics and nerve dying.

How we can whiten our teeth?

Teeth can be whitened in two ways:

1. laser in the office and
2. controlled home bleaching.


In Dermaville, we use Elexxion diode laser, German made, and one of the newest on the market.

What are the benefits of laser teeth whitening?

  • During one visit, it is possible to achieve the desired effect.
  • Compared to other methods where a longer period of time is required to achieve the desired result, one treatment is sufficient here.
  • After laser treatment, there is no hypersensitivity of the teeth to thermal stimuli (warm – cold) or such feeling is minimized. Therefore, the laser is recommended especially for patients with excessive tooth sensitivity.

How the laser teeth whitening process goes?

The process is very simple. It is done by a dentist. The dentist places gel protection on the gums and then applies a high concentration gel to the patient’s teeth. The gel is activated by laser beam. The dentist removes the gel from the tooth surface after 15 minutes, gives the mirror to the patient, and together they evaluate whether a satisfactory tooth color has been achieved. The procedure can be repeated up to three times during one visit, if necessary, to achieve the desired effect.


What is the procedure for home teeth whitening?

The doctor takes an imprint of the upper and lower jaws to create a rubber mold that is made within 24 hours. At the doctor’s office, the patient picks up a rubber mold and receives the gel with a doctor’s explanation of the instruction manual. The procedure itself is completely safe and simple and does not damage the tooth enamel.
After brushing your teeth at bedtime, the gel is placed in a rubber mold for each tooth individually. The mold is then placed on a fork. If the gel concentration is lower, the patient can sleep with the mold and remove it in the morning and brush their teeth. If the gel concentration is higher, it is worn for several hours. This allows for an individual approach to each patient and adaptation to their lifestyle. The procedure is repeated daily until the desired effect is achieved. It usually takes ten days. After that, the patient again comes to the dentist who evaluates the result and decides whether the procedure should be prolonged or not. If necessary, the procedure can be extended for several more days.

Who is recommended for teeth whitening

All who have their natural teeth and want to improve the whiteness of their teeth and thus get a bright smile except for children under 16, pregnant women and breastfeeding women, and patients who have prosthetic work (crowns and bridges).

Is tooth whitening painful?

Laser tooth whitening as well as controlled home whitening is a painless procedure

Are there any side effects?

After whitening, transient sensitivity of the teeth to warm and cold may occur, possibly with white spots on the gums that go away within a few days.

How to behave after teeth whitening?

Immediately after bleaching, the patient can return to daily activities and appointments. After treatment, it is not advisable to over-consume coffee, red wine, turmeric and beetroot to make the results last longer.

Who can whiten teeth?

Teeth whitening can be performed by people who have healthy teeth who want a nicer smile. Teeth whitening cannot be performed by persons under the age of 16, as well as by pregnant women. In all other ages, bleaching is allowed.

How long does the bleaching effect last?

How long the effect will last after treatment will depend on the lifestyle and habits of the patient. For example, in patients who smoke, drink red wine, dark pizza, eat beetroot and turmeric the effect lasts shorter. In other patients, the effect lasts longer. The good thing is that repeated treatments produce better and longer lasting effects.

Can the laser and home whitening method be combined?

Yes, in patients who want a more intense effect, the doctor also recommends a combination of both methods. Both methods are completely safe as a combination and can be repeated for up to 6 months.

Application of lasers in dentistry

The use of lasers in addition to teeth whitening is used in the treatment of an infected root canal. The laser beam removes the microorganisms and thus speeds up the healing process. The laser is also used for clinical tooth crown extensions in patients who have a “gummy smile”. When the smile is more visible than the gums. Surgical interventions do not require the use of wound suture, which speeds epithelialization and wound healing. The laser is used in patients who have a more sensitive tendency to vomit and pain in the lower jaw joint. Laser beam stimulates tissue and significantly reduces pain.

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