Non-surgical nose correction with hyaluronic acid fillers

The fast and easy way to a perfect looking nose with the help of hyaluronic acid fillers!

It is quite rare to have a perfectly straight and symmetrical nose, and this problem is equally present in both sexes. The nose occupies the middle part of our face and greatly affects our appearance and appearance. In effect, most people are dissatisfied with the shape and size of the nose, even if there are only small irregularities on it.
Irregularities of the nose, crooked ridge or big nose are genetically determined, but other factors have a significant influence, such as e.g. injuries, fractures of nasal structures, some diseases, etc. As the nose ages, it changes shape, the skin thins, dries and wrinkles, and the cartilage loses elasticity.
All together makes nose rhinoplasy (nose correction or “nose job”) one of the most sought of procedures – not only by hollywood stars! Herein, nose correction with hyaluronic fillers is a simple and painless alternative to the more traditional surgical procedures. Many irregularities can be corrected, this includes, even the humps of the nasal ridge. It is common for very small amounts of filler to be needed to correct the nose, on average it is only 1 milliliter making this procedure also very cost efficient!

Nose correction with hyaluronic acid fillers

With hyaluronic acid (dermal) fillers most aesthetic issues of the nose can be corrected: this includes asymmetries, unevenness and the shape of the nose. It is however also important to point out that the filler treatment only improves aesthetics and cannot solve any functional or breathing issues of the nose. These might require a surgical intervention.

With a filler treatement – will the nose appear bigger?

Depending on the indication and the desired goal, the addition of fillers can only contribute to a more beautiful shape and appearance of the nose without unnecessary enlargement. Of course, the most important thing is to turn to a physician with experience in this treatment.

Is this a safe procedure?

Overall this is a very safe procedure. However we have to state – as with other aesthetic procedures, the most important aspect is to choose a professional practice with adequate experience. The nasal area is an extremely sensitive region for working with hyaluronic fillers, because a large number of blood vessels are located right in the middle part of the face (in the nasal region). If this procedure is performed outside of an practice and/or it is performed by an insufficiently qualified professional, complications can occur due to the compression that can be caused by the injected material itself.

What does a nose correction procedure look like?

Before the intervention, topical anesthesia is applied and after thirty minutes, the injections are performed in around twenty minutes. The treatment is completely painless, also as the used needles are very thin.

What does the nose look like after the procedure?

Directly after the procedure, some redness, mild pain and swelling are possible. However, mostmost patients will have no visible injection traces, e.g. only the desired result is visible! work.

How long does the effect of a nose correction with hyaluronic acid fillers last?

This varies a bit from patient to patient.On average, the treatment effect lasts between 12-18 months, or even longer.

What are the irregularities of the nose that can be corrected?

  • Bumps and depressions of the nose, as well as humps of the nasal ridge
  • Asymmetries and curvature of the nose to one side
  • Drooping or blunt tip of nose
  • Asymmetries in the size of the nostrils

The application of fillers in certain subcutaneous structures compensates missing tissue volumeand raises the tip of the nose if necessary As result, the appearance of the an-face (front) and profile are changed, leading to ideal proportions of the nose.

Who performs the nose correction procedure?

In the DermaVille practice, the procedure is performed exclusively by certified aesthetic medicine doctors with many years of experience.

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