DERMAVILLE is an international aesthetic center where you can enjoy top-notch treatments of the latest technology and the highest quality medical cosmetics. In search of the most ideal solution for each client individually, we have formed an expert team with many years of experience in cosmetic cosmetology. Continuing education and training will provide you with quick and effective treatments after which you can return to daily activities

Dermaville is a unique center dedicated solely to the wishes and needs of clients and where you can confidently indulge yourself and show us your confidence. We are located in a comfortable setting in the Belville neighborhood near TC Delta City. Comfortable, bright, modernly equipped space and secured parking make your stay enjoyable and carefree. Visit us and forget about time.


Best for you is DermaVille’s guiding principle. We provide our valued clients with a unique experience that complies with the highest international standards of aesthetic and cosmetic treatments. DermaVille is located in the heart of New Belgrade, close to the Delta city mall. DermaVille’s qualified, knowledgeable and friendly staff provide clients with world-class treatments. DermaVille’s services are based on a deep and honest understanding of our clients’ needs.

For her – We respect the unique challenges that modern women face, often maintaining a balance between family and work, while at the same time striving to take care of their appearance. We help the ladies maintain a healthy look that gives them the extra confidence they need to make all their appointments smile.

For him – Care for physical appearance has become an integral part of the life of a modern man. That is why we offer solutions tailored to the needs and needs of the members of the stronger sex.


Our experts have many years of experience and are constantly refining their knowledge and skills by following the latest trends in the field of aesthetic medicine, in order to provide clients with world-class care and treatments.


Dermaville is located in the heart of New Belgrade, and in addition to its modernly equipped and cozy space, clients are also provided with reserved parking spaces.


Dermaville’s guiding principle is “Best for You”. That is why we use the latest technology from renowned manufacturers, trusted by the best aesthetic centers in the world.


In order to achieve the highest quality results in the care and rejuvenation of the face and body, we paid special attention to the choice of cosmetic products. That is why we only use products from leading manufacturers in treatments.