The permanent & easy hair-removal solution for smooth, hair-free skin!


Are you tired of shaving and depilation?

Let´s face it: Today´s active lifestyle leave little time for grooming. Especially removing unwanted hair can be a tedious and often painful endeavor. Furthermore, often some hair is left unnoticed, making you feel uncomfortable in the moments you want to be confident the most!

Why laser epilation and how does it work?

Laser epilation is a fast, gentle and efficient manner of removing unwanted hair with long-lasting effects. It allows you to permanently skip depilation, shaving, skin irritation and avoid ingrown hairs – all in a quick and comfortable manner.
Laser epilation is the only globally recognized and safe method for the permanent removal of facial and body hairs. The procedure can be used for both men and women, on all body parts, except the area around the eyes.
The laser directs concentrated light into the hair follicle. The light is then converted into heat, thereby preventing the ability of the hair to grow, without disturbing or damaging the skin surface or other tissue. Hereby the proper wavelength of laser light as provided by medical diode lasers is important, as it should only target the hair vehicles and avoid damaging other tissues.
Therefore, at DermaVille we use exclusively the  LightSheer Desire medical laser of Lumenis, the global leader in the field of energy-based medical solutions.

What are the advantages of Lumenis LightSheer Desire Laser compared to other epilation devices?

Due the design of the LightSheer Desire, even very sensitive skin areas can be treated. The laser is efficient and given its multiple handpieces can be used for hair removal treatments on any part of the body. Great results can be achieved, regardless of the skin type.

A built-in cooling mechanism soothes the skin and makes the epilation painless. In addition to cooling, it also has a built-in vacuum probe for larger skin areas, which enables achieving maximum results, and reduces the duration of the treatment.

What is the difference between Lumenis LightSheer Desire laser and IPL?

Lumenis LightSheer Desire laser enables a complete hair removal, while hairs treated with IPL grow slower, but after a short period of time they are present again. IPL emits light at multiple wavelengths, generating high temperature which can cause skin damage and pain during the treatment. The IPL light beam is “scattered” and it has an uncontrolled effect on the surrounding skin which is not treated.
The diode laser beam on the other side is emitting lightonly at 805nm, targeting only the hair follicle. This makes the treatment more efficient and painless. Unlike IPL, the Lumenis LightSheer Desire laser can successfully be used for treatments of all skin types.

What should I know about sunbathing, skin care in combination with laser epilation?

We receive many questions, evolving around laser treatment and sun exposure before and after the treatment.
It is in general possible to have an existing sun tan and to undergo laser epilation. However, we do not recommend it, because if the skin color is similar to the color of hte hair being removed, in general more treatment treatment session will be required to remove all unwanted hairs.

Two weeks before and two weeks after the epilation treatment, sun exposure should be omitted if possible. Otherwise, there is the possibility of hyper/hypo pigmentation or scarring. In general, we recommend using a sun protection factor 50 in this period, esp. after the epilation. This holds true also for cloudy days! Before epilation sun protection can be used to secure a light appearance of the skin, hence improving results (bigger contrast hair/skin).

Immediately after the epilation, activities in the gym, sauna, jacuzzi and pools should be avoided for the period of 24h-48h. After that period of time, all activities are safe. If you follow the instructions closely, it is safe & effective to have an laser epilation treatment during the summer.

Proper preparation for laser epilation

Hairs should not be plucked from the root (waxing, using tweezers) or bleached in the timeframe of 3-4 weeks up to the laser epilation treatment. Shaving, trimming using scissors or the application of depilation creams are allowed.  It is ideal (but not absolutely required) to have around 1mm long hair for the procedure.

How many laser epilation treatments are required for best results?

The hair removal works best, if the hair is actively growing (“anagen phase”). This is actually not the case for all hair follicles in one treatment area at the same time, therefore the treatment should be repeated after 4 to 6 weeks. A treatment series usually includes 3 to 5 treatments and varies from person to person.


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