The DermaVille team consists of long standing experienced professional staff in aesthetic medicine. Expertise, skill and knowledge are not the only reasons why clients trust us. It is also sincere kindness, understanding and commitment to making your wishes come true. Your every smile is our victory.

Dr Tamara Todorović

Dr Tamara Todorović

Doctor of dentаl medicine / doctor of aesthetic medicine

Tamara Todorović is a doctor of dental medicine and a certified aesthetic medicine doctor. After graduating from college, she recognized the beauty and uniqueness of the profession of being an anti-aging doctor. Since knowledge and technologies in this field are constantly developing, she began to educate herself, perfect herself and work as an anti-aging doctor. She acquired knowledge and skills in prestigious institutions, numerous seminars and attended educations with prof. Dr. Jacques Le Coz. She posses certificates for:

  • Hyaluronic fillers
  • Face and body mesotherapy (Prof. Dr. Jacques Le Coz)
  • Mesonites
  • Chemical peels
Dr Aleksandra Đorđević

Dr Aleksandra Đorđević

Doctor of dental medicine / doctor of aesthetic medicine

After graduating from the Faculty in Belgrade and working in her profession, Dr. Aleksandra Đorđević encounters anti-aging medicine and recognizes that profession as something fulfilling. She has been engaged in this business since 2011 and has been continuously improving herself n this field since then. Currently she is specializing in anti-aging medicine in Moscow.

At the international congress in Barcelona in 2015, she won the first prize for her work. In the newsletter “Skin Tech Pharma Group” that year, four of her works were published – “Case report”, which was a precedent – never before did it happen that so many works of one doctor were published in the mentioned newsletter.
She does not consider her profession only as a job, but as a great pleasure because she can adjust the acquired knowledge and skills to each client individually.

She has certificates for:

  • Hyaluronic fillers
  • Face and body mesotherapy (Philippe Deprez, Ph.D.)
  • Chemical peels (Philippe Deprez, Ph.D.)
  • Mesonites
Sonja Bubulj

Sonja Bubulj

Medical beautician

“ou need to like your work in order to do it well. I am doing a job for which I was educated and for which I am competent. Using my knowledge, abilities and skills, I manage to make people more beautiful and happier. One of the motivators is certainly the satisfaction and trust of clients. The work of a medical beautician fulfills me
and allows creative freedom.

Violeta Matkovic

Violeta Matković

Medical beautician

“As a student with high grades, I was invited by the professor to work in a doctor’s office dealing with aesthetic medicine. My first work experience that I really liked and I continued to improve myself in that direction through constant education and courses in aesthetic medicine. I love my job because it is creative, to design the right combination for each individual client is a challenge, and the greatest satisfaction is a satisfied and happy client.”

Marina Ilić

Medical beautician and physiotherapist

“Many years of therapeutic experience and dedication exclusively to client’s satisfaction are my main assets. My goal is to make clients feel special in every way and to make that satisfaction last as long as possible. That is the measure of my success.Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation or solving problems caused by modern lifestyle. Allow yourself for your skin and body to be in the best possible harmony with the help of therapeutic techniques. Massage restores the balance of mind and body, and the result is a feeling of relaxation and freshness.
Balance of mind and body equals beauty.”

Danijela Ljubojević

Aesthetic Medicine Assistant

“My first job was as an aesthetic medicine assistant at DermaVille, where I found myself completely. The driving force and motivation is certainly an extraordinary collective and team of experts I learned a lot from, as well as, of course, satisfied clients. There are many challenges, but when the desired results are achieved, we all feel proud and fulfilled. It is a pleasure to do work that enables clients to achieve the desired results and when they leave us happy, satisfied, nurtured and fulfilled, that is the real treasure of this work.
A pleasant, relaxing environment, communication with people and constant improvement are an essential plus, which additionally makes me happier and my work enjoyable.”