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Mezoterapija kose

Did you know that hair mesotherapy is one of the most popular and sought after treatments in the world?

Premature hair loss is one of the leading awsthetic issues. Today´s modern, fast paced and stressful lifestyles lead to clients – both men and women – seeking to fix all hair health related issues from thinning to full loss of hair.

Who can benefit from hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy (also known as mesoplasty or mesohair treatment) is intended for anyone who wants to prevent further hair loss and stimulate new growth. Further, the treatment is also intended for those who want to improve the quality of existing hair, so it can be done to prevent further thinning and restore a healthy appearance.

What is the cause of hair loss and loss?

Genetics are one of the most important factors in hair loss and thinning, but stress, disruption of the thyroid gland, hormonal imbalances, iron deficiency and many other factors play a big role.

How is the hair mesotherapy treatment performed?

The procedure is similar to mesotherapy treatments of other regions. The treatment consists of multiple, painless injections  with micro-needles or a needle rollers with an highly active treatment cocktail. The injections are done beneath the capicillium, directly to the hair follicle. Active componentsare hyaluronic acid and many vitamins and minerals, such as copper tripeptide, which is one of the most active components and penetrates deep into the hair follicle itself.

All these ingredients are required for hair growth and improving the quality of existing hair, restoring follicular function. Hereby, the growth of healthy, firm and pigmented hair is promoted.
Active tripeptides for instance have been approved by the FDA (US Bureau of Food and Drug Administration). These components enhance the hair follicle, stimulate its function, increase circulation and stimulate the growth of the hair itself, leading to complete regeneration and revitalization of the hair. In addition to peptides, the function of keratinocytes responsible for the formation and growth of new hair is activated and stimulated. The treatment can also be performed by another method that contains growth factors and stem cells. Also, this method is very effective for growth and better quality of existing hair.

Often, for better results, these two methods of hair mesotherapy are combined, with growth factor and stem cell treatments done once a month, and cocktail mesotherapy treatments initially done weekly.

How many mesotherapy hair treatments are needed ?

The number of treatments is determined by the doctor based on the condition of the hair. The number of treatments will vary depending on whether it is hair loss or just a quality improvement.
Initially, the minimum number of treatments is from 4 to 8, which depends, as we said, on the indication itself.
The first batch of treatments is done every 7 days, and later the treatments are done every two weeks and then every month.
Once satisfactory results are achieved, it is recommended that the results be maintained every 6 months for up to one year.

What else is hair mesotherapy treatment used for?

Treatment of hair mesotherapy, whether it is by mesococktails or using growth factors and stem cells, is recommended after hair transplantations to maintain results.

Who performs hair mesotherapy treatment?

Hair mesotherapy at DermaVille is performed by licensed aesthetic doctors with years of experience and excellent results in the field.

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