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When to decide on lip augmentation?

Full and shaped lips are a symbol of sensual and youthful appearance. The natural look of the lips is achieved by a very simple and painless method, a natural, hyaluronic filler. The volume obtained after the intervention will give freshness and softness to your long-lasting face.

If you think your lips are thin and unobtrusive, if your lips are asymmetrical, or if you simply want a more sensual and rejuvenated look, it’s time to decide on the most effective corrective method – lip enhancement with hyaluronic fillers.
Lip filling with hyaluronic fillers is one of the most popular procedures, where in addition to the quality of hyaluronan, the expertise and commitment of the physician who will shape your lips is very important.
Lip augmentation with hyaluronic fillers is done in people who have a naturally smaller lip volume (thin lips), in the elderly when there is tissue atrophy in the area of ​​the lips themselves, as well as in people who want to emphasize the sensuality of the lips and get better symmetry faces.
After hyaluronic fillers, the lips become beautifully shaped, naturally enlarged, hydrated, sensual and significantly rejuvenated. In addition to achieving volume, it is possible to raise the corners of the lips, correct existing asymmetry, emphasize contours, and remove tiny wrinkles around the lips.

Why do we use hyaluronic fillers rather than silicone?

Hyaluronic filler is a gel-like hyaluronic acid that is applied to the skin with needles. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance of every organism, which is absorbed from the body over time. She is responsible for youthful skin appearance and her most important role is the strong binding of water. Hyaluronic fillers can be injected into all regions of the face, used to compensate for volume, reshape facial contours, add volume to lips and correct fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Hyaluronic filler is the safest material because it is a natural substance of the body, while silicone, biopolymer, methacrylic are artificial materials, which are banned in Western Europe. Over time, durable materials such as silicone, methacrylic and biopolymers change shape, lumps are formed and lips appear asymmetrical and unnatural. If you later want to remove the durable material, it can only be surgically removed and difficult to completely remove. Lips enlarged with durable material cannot be combined with hyaluronic fillers.

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless. After 15 to 30 minutes you will get the desired lip shape. After treatment, a slight swelling and redness that lasts for 24 to 48 hours are possible, and after 2 weeks the final result is expected.

How long do the results achieved with hyaluronic fillers?

The desired effects achieved with the use of hyaluronic fillers last from 8-12 months, which is individual and depends on several factors (stress, smoking, excessive sun exposure, etc.).
The advantage of enlarging the lips with hyaluronic fillers is that we can always change the shape, size, but also restore our natural appearance of the lips, and that there is no recovery period after surgery.

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